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Small Productions


DateFriday, June 9th, 2017
Time10:00AM – 5:00PM
LocationThe Anne L. Bernstein Theater, 210 West 50th Street

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Course Details

Many Broadway producers start their careers by producing much smaller shows, often in tiny spaces and for short runs off-off-Broadway. The experience is invaluable, but the rules are very different from Broadway. CTI has teamed up with Shay Gines of the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation to create a full day course that will explore this theatrical world. The New York Innovative Theatre Foundation’s purpose is to celebrate the great work being done off-off-Broadway and help bolster the community surrounding those shows.

Inspired by feedback received from CTI participants, this course will explore how and where to mount a small production, how to find the resources to make tiny budgets go far, and how to find an audience – perfect for producers, writers, and actors looking to kick start their careers.

Topics and speakers will include:

Community Introductions
Shay Gines, Innovative Theatre Foundation

Business Models & Budgets
Tim Errickson, Boomerang Theatre Company

Speaker to be announced

Performance Space
Mark Finley, TOSOS

Heather E. Cunningham, Retro Productions

Marketing in Traditional and New Media
Speaker to be announced

Co-Producing & Festivals
Akia Squiteri, Rising Sun Performance Company

Unions & Contracts
Speaker to be announced

Next Steps
Nick Micozzi, Innovative Theatre Foundation

If you would like to enroll at the student ($55) or educator ($80) rates, please email Commercial.Theater.Institute.Info@gmail.com from a school (.edu) account.

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